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PCYC — A little about us…

Police Citizens Youth Clubs NSW is one of the largest youth organisations in Australia, with more than 60 clubs and centres across the state and more than 85,000 members.

PCYC is about getting young people active in life, developing their skills, character and leadership and reducing and preventing crime by, and against, young people. Our sporting, recreation, cultural and welfare programs aim to improve the lives of individual members and the development of local communities throughout the NSW.

Local PCYC clubs provide a range of sporting, recreational and educational programs to youth and wider community in a safe and secure environment. By helping young people learn new skills and encouraging their participation in programs that focus on values and community involvement, we are also helping them to grow as individuals and providing them with the experience necessary to make positive, proactive life choices.

In all of our clubs, NSW police officers case-manage young offenders, and young people “at risk”, working to reduce crime and help these young people move away from their old friends, old “habits”, and find new outlets, new activities and get back to study or into a job.

Our Blue Star citizenship programs help identify and build the leaders of tomorrow.

Our event — TIME4KIDS

Time4Kids is a great fun opportunity for corporate organisations and members of the community to get involved and work jointly with Police in supporting their local PCYC to make a difference.

PCYC supporters, including community members and leaders, business leaders, celebrities and sporting heroes, to volunteer to “do time”.

These options can include

  • “Jail time” – involves being detained in a portable jail cell, under the supervision of a police officer. In exchange for their release, the “prisoner” must raise bail.
  • “Sport Time” – is an endurance or fun challenge or event. Suggestions include promoting a marathon gym challenge or triathlon gym challenge with individual participants obtaining sponsorship and complete their challenge on running machines, bikes or rowing machines OR even a boxing tournament and golf day.
  • “Dinner Time” – will take the format of a charity dinner, local gala ball or sports dinner. Supporters here have the challenge to sell tables for the event, run and auction or donate prizes or provide sponsorship.

For the past year, we have been running a statewide initiative where all clubs and community leaders are welcome to participate — a PCYC Raw Challenge. If you would like to participate, purchase tickets here.

All proceeds support the work of our youth development and police programs to develop a safer community and engage our young people in meaningful programs to develop respect, commitment, resilience, integrity and citizenship.

How can you help?

  1. Give your time by participating in a local event or supporting or sponsoring those who are.

  2. Make a direct financial contribution to support our programs through Time4Kids.

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